Grace Virus Be Gone



















When a virus strikes your computer, give me a call. I'll be glad to either come to your business or rid the computer of the virus remotely. When done remotely, the first 15 minutes are free.

What do you mean by the term "Done Remotely?"

With your permission, I use a computer program named GoToMeeting that allows me to see your screen over the Internet. The nice feature of accessing a computer remotely is that I can get your computer running again within the hour.

Do you reformat my hard disk drive?

Most of the time, the answer is no. The majority of the time the problem is a Trojan-- not a virus. Most of the Trojans are easy to remove manually.


What is the difference between a virus and a Trojan?

When I am talking to people, I normally put the two in the same category and call both of them viruses. But there is a difference. A computer virus will attach itself to an existing computer program and whenever you run the targeted program, it will also run the virus program. The goal of a virus is to find other computers / computer files to infect. Viruses are generally spread by sharing infected files or by sending email messages containing virus attachments.

The majority of the problems people are encountering now are with Trojans. These programs trick you into running them. For example, you go to an infected website and you will see the message, "Your computer is infected with a virus. Click OK to continue." The message is actually coming from the Trojan---not a legitimate virus checking program. When you click OK, you have just told Windows that it is OK to run the Trojan.